Ciclón Jewelry Long Adjustable Multi-color Bead Necklace 171817

"Artisan Made"   Handmade in Madrid, Spain!!!


This is a gorgeous necklace, all made of leather and Zamak and plated (15 microns) in silver.  It has 5 Murano glass beads in blue, turquoise, pink, green and red.  There are a variety of bead shapes and open tear drop shapes. The main shape is 2" long. To close this necklace you just knot the leather where you want it.  It can be as long as 30" or as short as 22".

Zamak is a hypoallergenic Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, Copper alloy plated in real silver. There is no skin irritation with this metal even when skin gets sweaty. The alloy also provides a hardness that is long lasting. This metal is definitely for those worried about their sensitive skin.

Handmade items are special and although similar, no two items are exactly the same, but close. Sizes are approximate and are measured as close as possible for accuracy