Handmade 6 Strand Pearl in Circle Necklace Silver-Black NE-57

"Artisan Made" 

This is a gorgeous necklace with 6 strands of small beads, all made of Zamak. It is loaded with beads that are round and opens/closes with a disk through a loop made of black cotton. This is extremely well made and has a high shine and good weight. There is a 1.25" diameter circle with a large freshwater pearl in the center. It is approximately 17" around. THIS MATCHES THE BRACELET BRA-56

Zamak is a hypoallergenic Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, Copper alloy plated in real silver. There is no skin irritation with this metal even when skin gets sweaty. The alloy also provides a hardness that is long lasting. This metal is definitely for those worried about their sensitive skin.

Handmade items are special and although similar, no two items are exactly the same, but close. Sizes are approximate and are measured as close as possible for accuracy. 

Approximate Size-17".