DFNS Footwear Cleaner Kit, Blue/Clear, 90ml

About The Product: The complete cleaning package for longer-lasting kicks. It contains our eco-friendly Footwear Cleaner in a 100% recyclable tube made from sugar cane, our Premium Cleaning Brush made with 100% recycled material, and a long-lasting Microfiber Cloth that wipes away excess dirt and moisture. Used in combination, the tools in the Cleaning Kit work across your whole rotation, on materials from Flyknit, to suede, to premium leather.

Water-based gel | 100% Biodegradable formula | FSC Certified Packaging | Sugar cane tube |  Recycled Brush Handle

Our Footwear Cleaner is a water-based, non-toxic, and 100% biodegradable gel. Its tube is made of petroleum-free, recyclable sugar cane plastic. More CO2 is absorbed in the sugar cane’s growing process than we create in production. The factory that manufactures our Footwear Cleaner holds a gold Cradle to Cradle certification. The Premium Cleaning Brush is made with Guger wood and study boar bristles that won’t curve after multiple uses. The microfiber cloth is highly durable, lasting up to ten times longer than other towels.