DFNS Footwear Gel Cleaner

 Our Footwear Cleaner leaves your kicks as glorious as the day you got ‘em with just a scrub. The water-based, biodegradable formula is gentle yet effective, so it doesn’t compromise any material or water-repellent coating. There ain’t no greener cleaner!

Makes kicks spotless | Safe for all fabrics | Non-toxic | Water-based | Biodegradable | Requires less water

How To Use: 

1. Apply the Footwear Cleaner to a wet cleaning brush.

2. Scrub firmly in a circular motion on the uppers and midsoles of your sneakers to foam the solution (for delicate materials try a spot-test first).

3. Continue until all the dirt and stains have been removed. Repeat as necessary.

4. Wipe the excess residue and foam away with the microfiber cloth.

5. Leave to dry (out of direct sunlight).

6. Lace them up and hit the road.